About Us

Who are we ?

We are entrepreneurs for more than twenty years and have discovered Cuba, a corner of paradise that we have been particularly fond of for several years. During our stays, we have forged many friendships and built a solid network of contacts. My wife and I have even decided to try some dental care available in Cuba in addition to having experienced cosmetic surgery.

We were more than impressed by the quality and professionalism of the specialists in the hospitals. Our experience was initially motivated by the fact that we have no insurance as are many workers, so the rates offered in Cuba became more than advantageous. Quickly, we found a great demand among travelers and we were led to refer several tourists for different types of medical care.

Description of our company

We offer the intermediary service between the client and the international hospitals to inform you of the costs associated with the specific care and procedures to follow. We will forward your inquiries and questions to specialists about the treatments you want. Then, a personalized medical program will be proposed to you quickly and efficiently.

We want to make it possible for travelers, during their holidays, to be able to assess their medical situation at a lower cost. Thus, during their stay in Cuba, future clients can familiarize themselves and see the environment of the various international hospitals according to their availability.

Our mandate

Medical Solutions Cuba is a company that wants to promote the healthcare services available in Cuba which is less expensive and with shorter lead times. We want to offer customers the opportunity to benefit from superior quality care with the irreplaceable human approach of Cubans.

Contact Us

Wherever you are in the world, contact us now for more information. We are available anytime, 7 days a week.

Email: solutionsmedicalescuba@gmail.com

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